Veis Ice Cream, which has been serving in a day for more than 90 years, is an organization founded by Mesut Veis and continued by Şenol Veis and Ömer Veis.

About Our Company

Since 1927

Veis Dondurma is an organization that has been serving for more than 90 years and is managed by Şenol VEİS and his son Ömer VEİS.

The Taste of Ice Cream

Ice creams are produced with the special formula developed by Veis Ice Cream and offer different and unique flavors.

All Natural

All of Veis Ice Cream’s ice creams are produced in our private manufacturing facilities under completely natural and hygienic conditions.

Always Fresh

Veis Ice Cream is carefully produced from seasonal freshest fruits.

Delicious Flavors

Veis Kornet has been produced by Mesut Veis for the first time in Veis Ice Cream with its special formula since 1976.
The cornet, which has a unique flavor to us, has been produced for the first time in Turkey by Veis Dondurma.

Natural Ice Cream Varieties

All fruity varieties of Veis Ice Cream are prepared completely naturally using pure strawberry, pure sour cherry, pure lemon, pure orange and other fruits.





Special Tastes

Ice Cream Among Eclipse First Time at Veis Ice Cream

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