1927 Our first generation founder in ÇEKOSLOVAKYA POPRAT is Nakil VEİS.

Transfer VEİS came to Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1949 and opened an ice cream shop at Maxima Gorka No: 19 (Opposite Kalinçova Play) in Belgrade by taking his son Mesut VEİS with him. Here he only taught the formula of his ice cream to his son Mesut VEIS. Other children have never ice cream with Transport VEIS.

In 1952, Nakil VEIS and Mesut VEIS opened a new shop as father and son in Zagreb Vlaşka Uliça 63.
In 1953, another shop was opened in Kragoyovas.
Mesut VEİS, the second generation successor of VEİS ICE CREAM, opened a new place on ESAT PASTANESE and ICE CREAM on Esat Street in Küçükesat, Ankara in 1967.
Since 1975, with his son Şenol VEİS, he opened a place solely for ice cream in Bursa Gemlik Küçükkumla. In 1990, it started to serve in a larger place and opened another branch in 1994. In 2002, another branch was opened in Narlı. The 3rd branch was opened.
We moved to our new place in Narlı with open and closed areas on 1 decare. There is a playground and parking lot.

Today it is managed by Şenol VEİS and his 4th generation son Ömer VEİS.

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